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About This Journal

About This Journal

The quarterly Journal of Marxist and Law, founded in 2016, published on behalf of the Institute of Marxist Jurisprudence Research in Northwest University of Politics and Law through the China Democracy and Legal System Publishing House, which print the Journal. It is designed to encourage interest in all matters relating to Marxist and law, with an emphasis on matters of Marxist legal theory and on broad issues arising from the relationship of Marxist legal theory to other disciplines. Currently, Northwest University of Politics and Law are providing the editorial leadership, as well as administrative and financial support.  


Professor Qirui Li

 Executive editor

Professor Zhaoji Qiu

 Article Editors

Assistant Professor  Zhao Li

Assistant Professor  Jin Wang

Assistant Professor  Yang Gao

Assistant Professor  Jinzhe Yang

Doctor            Qingtian Liuxiong

 Editorial Committee

Professor  Zitang Fu(Southwest University of Political Science and Law)

Professor  Hongyi Ge(Zhejiang University)

Professor  Tingtai Gong(Nanjing Normal University)

Professor  Yuhong Hu(Suzhou University)

Professor  Qirui Li(Northwest University of Politics and Law)

Professor  Jinping Lin(Central Compilation & Translation Bureau)

Professor  Jintian Liu(Northwest University of Politics and Law)

Professor  Zuoxiang Liu(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Professor  Hui Xie(Beijing Institute of Technology)

Professor  Xiaoyuan Xue(Central Compilation & Translation Bureau)

Professor  Cunsheng Yan(Northwest University of Politics and Law)

Professor  Xingzhong Yu(Cornell University)

Professor  Fan Zhou(Beijing Normal University)

Professor  Jingwen Zhu(Renmin University o China)